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We specialize in the Middle East and South Asia


Faran Resources is a Global sourcing, supplies and solutions provider. We’ve been serving our customers, around the world, and across several countries from our New Jersey offices since 1999. We’ve out together a team of enthusiasts who assist us in running an extremely competitive and efficient operation that translates into savings for our customers. Our end-user industry specific dedicated teams work tirelessly, and aggressively with you to find a tailor made solution that’s precise, and will work for you! Engage our team members, on your next project, to source all your unique and routine requirements for products, services and solutions and find out how we express ourselves apart from the competition.


One of the largest oil & gas companies in the Gulf put their trust on us for finding new sources for the supply of school stationary, and furnishings, to the satellite imaging of their industrial areas that they would use to lease the land to their customers for building new plants. Another large Gulf oil & gas company was presented with the brine based magnesium deposits extraction feasibility study with a Canadian consultant in a joint venture. Our customers in diverse industries have learned to depend on our strong sourcing team to find them a solution to their each and every problem. Talk to us and find out what we can do for you, and your bottom line.


Faran Resources provides materials selection, sourcing and procurement services of equipment & tools, spare parts, raw material and engineering products for oil & gas, power, construction, petrochemical plants, hospitals and educational institutions. We’ve reliable collaboration with reputed manufacturers and supplying agents around the world for sourcing and procurement of any equipment, materials, spare part and tools. Our staff has an excellent knowledge of engineering materials. They are totally committed to handle any products according to our clients’ requirements.

How we do it

*Managed contract supplies *Project based procurement needs *Authorized factory reps *Reverse engineering and production of legacy/obsolete parts *Search & joint ventures structure for unique/hybrid projects, across different industries and countries *Maintenance parts and supplies *On demand new products, service and solution provision


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Mohammad Dhamee

Global Business Development
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Rabia Kazme

Sourcing Lead
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Asad Dhami

Orders & Shipping Manager
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Madhusudhan Sharma

Accounts Manager
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Javed Ansari

Sourcing Specialist



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